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I am …

I am from the nonstop noisy streets.
I am from the year lasting traffic jams.
I am from the sudden car crashes.


I am from the blasting radios that seem to pop your eardrum with reguetón.
I am from the wildly bright street lights.
I am from the corner foodstands.


I am from animals surrounding me 24/7.
I am from the shoes dangling from the cables.
I am from the streets endless skaters.


I am from walking on the sidewalks with umbrellas when its schorching hot.
I am from the vianderos.
I am from the scent of pan cubano and revoltillo on a sunny saturday.


I am from being the oldest.
I am from the monthly cultural fridays.
I am from murals of black beans.


I am from intense domino rounds.
I am from hay hats.
I am from the early roosters exclaiming wake up.
I am from Pequeña Havana Miami.


© Daymi Díaz-García


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Happy hour por una buena causa- Jueves 14 de Noviembre-Carolina Ale House

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noviembre 11, 2013 · 5:01 pm

¡En la unión esta la fuerza!

¡En la unión esta la fuerza!

¡ Nos vemos allá! 🙂

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noviembre 11, 2013 · 4:50 pm